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Rod Marquette
The Truth about Giving Part 2
Sun. 12/3/2017
Michael French
Hallowed Is Your Name
Sun. 12/10/2017 
Randall Worley
Be Still and Know
Sun.PM 11/12/2017
Kristi Graner
What Does Holy Spirit Do?
Sun. 11/19/2017
 Rod Marquette
The Truth about Giving
Part 1 
Sunday ll-26-17
Rod Marquette
Victory over the Devil, Part 2
Sunday 10-22-17
Cecil Calvert
The Kingdom is not a Destination
Sun. 10/29/2017 
Randall Worley
What Does Justice Look Like
Rod Marquette
Victory over the Devil, Part 1
Sunday 10-1-17
 Les Homan
Encounters with God
Sunday 10-8-17
 Brian Fenimore
Citizen Of Heaven
Sun. 10/15/2017
Rhena Grazier
Surrendering To His Love
Sun. 9/03/2017
Rod Marquette
The Anointing
Rod Marquette Freedom from the Mix   
Rod Marquette
People Who See Beyond Their Day
 Sun. 8/13/2017
Rod Marquette
Overcoming Insecurity
Sun. 8/20/2017
Cecil Calvert
The Father’s Love
Sun. 8/27/2017
Rod Marquette
Be Still – continued
Sun. 7/23/2017
Rod Marquette
Stillness In Trouble
Sun. 7/30/2017
Rod Marquette
Water Baptism
Sun. 8/06/2017
Rod Marquette
Meditating on the Word
Sun. 6/25/2017
Rod Marquette
Be Still
Sun. 7/2/2017
Brian Fenimore
No Fear In Love
Sun. 7/16/2017
DSSM Graduation 2017
Sun. 6/4/2017
Todd Finney
Sun. 6/11/2017
Rod Marquette
The Headship of Christ
Sun. 6/18/2017
Rod Marquette
God,Infinite in Knowledge
Sun. 5/14/2017
tteLes Homan
Your New Life
Sun. 5/21/2017
Rod Marquette
Children-Young Men-Fathers
Sun. 5/28/2017
Rod Marquette
We Are Rich
Sun. 4/30/2017
Rod Marquette
The Goodness Of God
Sun. 5/7/2017
Danny Silk
Covenant Love
Sun.Evening 5/7/2017
Rhena Grazier
Expecting Connection
Sun. 4/9/2017
Brian Fenimore
The Love of God and the Resurrection
Sun. 4/16/2017
Rod Marquette
John the Baptist’s Life Revelation
Sun. 4/23/2017
Les Homan
We Are Sent Out
Sun. 3/19/2017
Rod Marquette
Looking at The Worst-
Expecting the Best
Sun. 3/26/2017
Dan McCollam
Increasing God Encounters
Sun. 4/2/2017
Rod Marquette
Authority Over Demons
Sun. 2/26/2017
Rod Marquette
Authority To Forgive Sins
Sun. 3/5/2017
Judy Franklin
How Are You Guys
 Sun. 3/12/2017
Rod Marquette
Sun. 1/22/2017
Rod Marquette
Our Sins Forgiven
Sun. 2/5/2017
Rod Marquette
Managing Manifestations
Sun. 2/12/2017
tterod_1-1-17Rod Marquette
The Mystery of the Ages
Sun. 1/1/2017
David Moulder
Something to Ponder – then Ask
Sun. 1/8/2017
Brian Fenimore
Our Weapon of Praise
Sun. 1/15/2017