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Kingdom Thoughts by Rachelle Rieke

Wrath of God?

What do you think of or what comes to mind when you hear the phrase, “wrath of God?” I find it to be a topic of tension and a source of much confusion about the character of God and how it applies to us as believers – especially in light of the nature we see in Jesus in the New Testament. The phrase, “God is good all the time,” is so commonplace, and yet in the same breath God is often credited as the giver of sickness and death. In what way does that make sense? With that thought, I also find that the depth of the Christian faith and our security in who we are hinges on who we believe God to be. Is He Papa, Abba, Father? Or is He just capital ‘G’ God up there somewhere in clouds with a scowl and a ready judgment? Everything we see in Jesus reveals that to be false, but then what about all of the fire and destruction we read about in the Old Testament? Is our God a schizophrenic? Did He change? Or could there be a deeper wisdom to be grasped that requires us to seek and not accept what we see at face value or what we were traditionally taught?


Contact Points

Today, not the same today you may read this, but this particular today of mine I am reminded of the simple joy and excitement that comes from belonging to Jesus. I am reminded of the intimacy of His friendship and the depth of His knowing. I am reminded that He can not only keep up with our erratic flurry of thoughts, but He makes sense of them and remembers each one. I am reminded as well as comforted that He is in the details, and He partners with our dreams. Through the smallest of meetings, I am reminded of all of this today.


Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

I came to Christ when I was 22… or rather, I suppose I should say the Lord finally got my full attention when I was 22. It was like I had been in a trance, looking down and intent only on where my own two feet were headed, and when He snapped me out of that trance, I glanced up to finally notice a whole world around me. Black and white to color. Death to life. My heart came alive. I had been offered an identity that mattered, one that couldn’t be stripped from me even if everything else was taken away, and I took hold of that hope with both hands.


Kingdom Keys

Maybe it’s just me, but lately there seems to be an increasing emphasis on the renewal of the mind, and the Lord has been impressing upon me the vast need for repentance. Not the crying, sorry-for-sin kind of repentance that has been deeply ingrained in many of us in the throes of religion, but the repentance of a child saying, “Papa, help me to see the way you see. Change my mind.” However, I’m certain I’m not the only one who sometimes feels like faith is held hostage by that often-bothersome thinker in between the ears: that nagging thought life that says, “how?” “why?” “you’re not good enough” “this isn’t for you.” And yet, learning to see through the eyes of the Father is paramount if we are to ever step into the fullness of our destiny.