An Extraordinary Ordinary

Author:  Rachelle Rieke
Sometimes during worship, I like to take a peek around me – to see the workings of God’s love in the room, especially when I am in a place of abandon within that Love myself. Last Sunday was particularly special. I wanted to write down a whole, long thing about it, but as I read my notes, I decided sometimes the most simple is the most powerful. And that resonates with what I felt, so I think it’s appropriate. Here is what I see: 
Destiny worship
So often overcome 
With eyes pooling with tears that burn 
Even though I don’t know why. 
I guess it follows the heat of His love 
His palpable love that permeates 
in ordinary moments, or rather, extraordinary moments.
My heart sings in this love, revels in this joy
I See these moments. 
I see two sisters dancing in this joy,
Clasping hands, they twirl and jump
Bubbling giggles 
Little’s arms encircle her sister’s waist 
Her eyes crinkle at the corners and shine in delight of the older’s attentions
Sister spins Little and reaches up her other hand in worship
Little, gazing up at Sister, turns forward and raises her hand too,
Connected by hands of love to Love
An ordinary moment.
Extraordinary in the love of God. 
Steeped in eternity and deepest truth of who we are. 
I see the Boy with the heart of Joy lean against Connie
Swaying side to side, from foot to foot 
In unison 
To the unseen swells of His love rolling over them and 
Faces tilted glory-ward, basking in the sunshine of His presence.
I see George eyes closed, head bowed in reverence 
Forehead rested on palms pressed together,
colorful flags flowing down from the loops wreathing his thumbs,
A posture of grace.
I see the hand of Peace lift heads
and straighten backs,
drawing us all into destiny.  
This is your house. It is such a delight and a privilege to share of it with you. 
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