Keeping It Simple

Author: Beverly Hahn
I’m a simple woman. When life gets muddled, I like to live by the K.I.S.S. rule — Keep It Simple Saint. I go back to John 3:16 “For God so LOVED, He GAVE His only begotten Son…” I go back to God’s love for me and me loving others. I return to I John 3:1 “Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God…” and verse 11 “For this is the message that ye have heard from the beginning, that we should love one another.” Or verse 23 “And this is His commandment, that we should believe on the name of His Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as He gave us commandment.” Read more…

Seeing Through Love’s Eyes

Author:  Beverly Hahn  
When I read the Word, I ask questions.  I question what I’ve been taught in the last many years I’ve been saved, I question the stuff no one else seems to question.  I especially am more curious now that I read through the eyes of love and grace that I didn’t have before when reading.  That being said, I was reading John 4 several weeks ago about the Samaritan woman at the well.  She’s going about her business, drawing water for the day, and this Jewish guy asks her for a drink of water.  Read more…

Welcome Home

Author:  Beverly Hahn
Have you had a friend who is so broken down in life, has had so many bad breaks that she is bitter?  Naomi was like that in Ruth 1.  She had done what was expected of her, submitted to her husband and had gone to a different land. She had children and saw that they were married to carry on the family line, yet everything turned out wrong.  Her husband’s name means “God of the king or power.”  I’m thinking he was a strong personality, and although possibly doing what he thought was best for his family, may have been too strong for Naomi’s opinion to matter.  Read more…

God, My Personal Father

Author:  Beverly Hahn
During worship, while singing the song “Reckless Love,” I was once again reminded through the words of this song how very personal God is in His relationship with me. Thinking about the line, “…coming after me…,” I took a moment to reflect on His personal love for me and me alone. I’m His beloved daughter, His favorite. In all His bigness and power, only He can do this wonderful thing, to focus on me, and me alone. Delighting in me, never too busy for me, never denying me or disappointing me. Giving all His love to me. Just for me, yet just for every other one of His children as well.

What’s So Special About Rahab?

Author:  Beverly Hahn
In reading James 2, I came across a mention of Rahab. She is also mentioned in Hebrews 11 for her great faith, so I wondered, “What’s so great about Rahab that she’s mentioned?” Out of all the people James could write about that had great faith and works, why are only Abraham and Rahab mentioned? So I read the story of Rahab in Joshua chapters 2 and 6, wondering what she had faith about or in. Joshua 2:9-11 talks about her knowing the Lord had given the land to the Israelites. She says “we have heard” and goes on to tell about the Israelites former victories and how even the telling of them brought terror to the hearts of the enemy. So, she heard the testimony and believed it. Read more…

Cellular Conchs

Author:  Rachelle Rieke
Sometimes hearing God seems like listening to the ocean through a conch shell. There is a vague roar that maybe-sort-of resembles the crash of the ocean, but you can’t see it. It doesn’t wet your skin; it doesn’t taste of salt on your lips; you can’t smell the brine, the fishy tang of ocean life. It’s nothing more than a call. A long-distance connection. And yet, it is a yearning invitation to taste and see, a reminder of possibility. Read more…

Dear 2019 Me (You)

Author:  Rachelle Rieke
It’s here. Another year gone by, another one come. I hope you read back and remember this morning, this sweet and quiet new start. I hope you remember this cotton candy morning, another new day God has given you, reminding you with His colorful canvas sky, that you are His true canvas, His true masterwork. Read more…

An Extraordinary Ordinary

Author:  Rachelle Rieke
Sometimes during worship, I like to take a peek around me – to see the workings of God’s love in the room, especially when I am in a place of abandon within that Love myself. Last Sunday was particularly special. I wanted to write down a whole, long thing about it, but as I read my notes, I decided sometimes the most simple is the most powerful. And that resonates with what I felt, so I think it’s appropriate. Here is what I see:  Read more…

This is For You Too

Author:  Rachelle Rieke


I like to dance when I worship. Not physically, but in my spirit. In my mind. I’m quite certain Jesus loves to dance, and He’s the most talented dancer of all time – not to mention the greatest lead partner. Sometimes He’ll do crazy ballet leaps with me; sometimes He’ll lead me over the throne room floor in a beautiful waltz. Sunday I was dancing with Jesus – in the peace of His presence. But this time wasn’t like all the others. He handed me over to the Father to dance. Now talk about the perfect leader. His eyes were stars of fire, and He held me strong in His arms. I am unaware of how much I try to be strong and independent and do it all on my own until I am held up by the Father’s arms. Perfectly safe. Utterly loved. Read more…

I am because I AM

Author:  Rachelle Rieke
I’m not fully sure why I share the following, other than that I feel it has some weight. It is a little distracted, unpolished, and straight-up stream of consciousness writing (sparked from a quote from a book about writing called Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg), but I hope that in reading what I wrote for myself, you might resonate in your own way and find encouragement to reach deep into that place where that little flame has burned your whole life: the dreams and passions within you, that if stripped of them, would strip you of the unique piece of God’s creativity in you. I have come to believe that God lives within our passions, and it’s through them that Heaven touches earth. Be encouraged, and believe in God’s expression in and through you. It’s the sweet spot. Read more…