Contact Points

Author:  Rachelle Rieke
Today, not the same today you may read this, but this particular today of mine I am reminded of the simple joy and excitement that comes from belonging to Jesus. I am reminded of the intimacy of His friendship and the depth of His knowing. I am reminded that He can not only keep up with our erratic flurry of thoughts, but He makes sense of them and remembers each one. I am reminded as well as comforted that He is in the details, and He partners with our dreams. Through the smallest of meetings, I am reminded of all of this today.
This meeting began when a new face joined pre-service table talk partway through discussion. I had never met her before, but I noticed the light in her eye and the easy camaraderie with those next to her as she sat down. Though I tend to be more on the reserved side and could have just as easily started making my way to the sanctuary at the end of table talk (and likely would in many cases), I found myself reaching across the table to say hi, prompted by that little nudge inside. She introduced herself as Ilene, and told me that she was the founder of Rochester’s International House of Prayer. No way! Of all the people for me to bump into! I related to her how every time I drive by that IHOP office – for months and months – I have told myself, “I should really stop in there sometime.”
We continued to chat, and she told me about a prayer walk that the Rochester IHOP has done for the past few years. As she described it to me, I got to hear about the presence of Heaven coming as believers prayed, worshipped, and danced during this prayer walk. As she continued to talk I found myself leaning farther over the table, as if I could reach out and grasp a hold of what she was describing. When she mentioned possibly having trumpets for the coming year’s prayer walk, the words “you’re kidding,” tumbled out of my mouth. As she said that, I had a sense of one more dot being connected, one more puzzle piece locking into its proper place, one more thread being woven purposefully into the Great Tapestry. It was one of those moments that I knew was bigger than two gals randomly meeting for the first time.
Though no detail of our lives passes by where God isn’t one hundred percent a part of it, we all know it can feel that way sometimes or like it takes effort to look for His touch. But then there are those moments when the connection with Heaven is real to our natural senses, where it seems we have had a contact point (even though that connection is never really severed). As in Genesis where Jacob awoke from a sleep and said, “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I did not know it,” we all experience those contact points. This was one of those… but let me rewind some to show you why.
As I mentioned in the previous blog, I had the opportunity to hear Pastor Rod speak for the opening session of Global Legacy a handful of weeks back. As he talked about the ceilings the Israelites hit in their journey because of their self-centeredness and lack of belief, he contrasted this with the heart of Jesus. When we approach life with the same purpose Jesus did – to unselectively bless the whole world – we will never hit a ceiling. The sky is not the limit.
Pastor Rod continued to share an experience he had with the Lord where He revealed that, “the elements for life are all around us – we only have to move them. What we can see, we can actually step into.” As I sat there turning the thought over in my mind and attempting to dabble with the possibilities, Rod asked us to imagine our own city. Imagine walking up and down the streets, in the neighborhoods, in the government centers, hospitals, and public places. What would it look like if Heaven was there?
Initially, as I quietly sat to consider the question, I found myself start to fidget a little in my chair. The question was harder to answer than I expected when I tried to think about the details in the face of the stark dichotomy between Heaven and a groaning creation. As I dug a little deeper, I started to envision Rochester, and I saw a parade of believers walking through the hospitals and throughout the city. They were singing and dancing, praising the Lord for His goodness. As the procession passed by each hospital room, the formerly afflicted patients leapt out of their beds, fully healed and restored. As they jumped out of bed, they joined the procession and began singing and worshipping the Lord. Everywhere the procession passed, there was complete restoration and joy because they carried the love of the Father and were open for Heaven to flow through. The needs of peoples’ hearts were met by love which opened the gates for all physical needs to be met with abundance.
Fast forward back to sitting at the table with Ilene with my mouth hanging open. Her description of the prayer walk made me relive the vision I had, and I felt a great eagerness and excitement begin to bubble up from within. It was like I had been given the vision for what she was describing. Contact point.
I believe God gives us these contact points to help remind us in our weakness that He is always there in the details, to remind us there is no ceiling, and to turn our eyes toward the business of Heaven – to bless the world. Let us be the generation that truly sees – with unveiled face – Heaven on earth, and let us pull it into our reality.
Image: Pointing North – Spiral / Vortex Star Trails
Photographer: Mike Ver Sprill
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