God Loves to Hear You Laugh

Author: Beverly Hahn
One day my daughter was playing with her little tiny dolls (with miniscule rubber shoes that would bounce under the couch when you dropped them, never to be found again until they plugged up the vacuum cleaner. But I digress…) She was singing some silly song, giggling at the lyrics. Just HAPPY! She wasn’t getting her PhD. She wasn’t applying at Harvard to be a brain surgeon. She was happy and laughing. I couldn’t have been prouder or more pleased with her. My heart truly swelled with love for her. All I wanted for all her life was for her to be as happy as she was right at that moment.
Fast forward a few years. I got a phone call, “Mom, would it be wrong for me to ask you for $20? I’m broke.” Are you kidding me? I was so glad she felt she could come to her mother when she was in need. It caused me joy to give her what she needed.
There was a priest in the Dark Ages, during some dreaded plague, who felt it was his mission to wear a red nose and bring joy to the dying. I quote him, “God wants peacocks not ravens, bright stars not sad comets, red noses not black death. He wants joy. I’ll not shrink from the burden, Lord.” Isn’t that profound?
My point is that I don’t think it’s an accident that God says He’s our Father. Our parent. So, if I was joyful and proud and pleased with my child with her just being happy, don’t you think these are exactly the times when He’s pleased with us? He’s glorified when we are joyful and care-free.
Do you want to glorify God? Live your life happy. Giggle once and a while. Belly laugh. Bring joy into someone else’s life by making a joke or sharing a cartoon. These things glorify your Father and make Him proud.