God, My Personal Father

Author:  Beverly Hahn
During worship, while singing the song “Reckless Love,” I was once again reminded through the words of this song how very personal God is in His relationship with me. Thinking about the line, “…coming after me…,” I took a moment to reflect on His personal love for me and me alone. I’m His beloved daughter, His favorite. In all His bigness and power, only He can do this wonderful thing, to focus on me, and me alone. Delighting in me, never too busy for me, never denying me or disappointing me. Giving all His love to me. Just for me, yet just for every other one of His children as well.
I can never understand this with my limited human mind. How He can give ALL His love and attention to me, yet give ALL His love and attention to another child, at the same time, as well. It’s not the vastness of His love that amazes me (well, that TOO…), but how it can be directed in all its fullness to me, yet to another too. We have no point of reference for this sort of love. It’s so different from ours, which can only be doled out in pieces and only to so many people in any 24-hour period. His love just keeps focusing in on me in all its fullness all the time.
What a wonder-full Father we have! He is so far beyond our understanding, it’s mind-boggling. Just to know that much of His heart is enough to endear Him to me forever. I am my Beloved’s and He is mine.

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND