Kingdom Keys

Author:  Rachelle Rieke
Maybe it’s just me, but lately there seems to be an increasing emphasis on the renewal of the mind, and the Lord has been impressing upon me the vast need for repentance. Not the crying, sorry-for-sin kind of repentance that has been deeply ingrained in many of us in the throes of religion, but the repentance of a child saying, “Papa, help me to see the way you see. Change my mind.” However, I’m certain I’m not the only one who sometimes feels like faith is held hostage by that often-bothersome thinker in between the ears: that nagging thought life that says, “how?” “why?” “you’re not good enough” “this isn’t for you.” And yet, learning to see through the eyes of the Father is paramount if we are to ever step into the fullness of our destiny.
A couple of Sundays ago, I woke up early in the morning with the urge to get up and write with the Lord like I sometimes do. As I sat up in bed pondering what I should write about, two words flashed across my mind as clear as day: the Beatitudes. I started to get out of bed and just said, “Okay Lord, let’s do this,” and parked myself at our kitchen table with a piping cup of tea where a poetic version of the Beatitudes proceeded to flow out of me.
It has since been thrilling for me to see how the poem I wrote has paralleled the Lord’s current message of repentance and has been highlighted in other avenues as well. In DSSM, we are currently reading When Heaven Invades Earth, and the Lord highlighted a confirming passage for me where Bill Johnson writes: “The Sermon on the Mount is a treatise on the Kingdom. In it Jesus reveals the attitudes that help His followers to access His unseen world. As citizens of heaven, these attitudes are formed in us that we might fully apprehend all that His Kingdom has available. The Beatitudes are actually the “lenses” that the Kingdom is seen through. Repentance involves taking on the mind of Christ revealed in these verses. He could have put it this way: This is how the repentant mind looks.” By the Beatitudes God gave us insight into the perspectives in which to attune our thinking in order to gain perception of His Kingdom. True to His character, upon finishing the poem, the Lord provided me with a title for the piece: Kingdom Keys. I would like to share that poem to encourage, to edify, and to exhort you in your own journey of repentance.
Kingdom Keys

Change the way you think said He,

Let single your eye that you may truly see.

For closer than a breath His Kingdom at hand,

In which, for you, a life of wonder He has planned.

Blessed are you whose spirit is poor,

In desperation you cry, “God there has to be more.”

With the heart of a child in Me place your hope in,

Then surely you’ll see, all of Heaven is open.

Blessed are you with a heart that mourns,

Washed clean of sin and death in grace you’re reborn.

Oh how He knows, He knows and He carries your pain,

You shall be healed and comforted under the Spirit’s falling rain.

Blessed are you whose heart is meek,

Strength is made perfect when you are weak.

And in choosing God’s heart, with joy will you burst,

For the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

Blessed are you who hunger and thirst,

You shall be filled when you seek Him first.

Ask and receive, knock on the door,

It shall be opened to all you’re searching for.

Blessed are you who give grace,

For you reveal to the broken the Father’s embrace.

As you have received, so freely you give,

Then pressed down, shaken together, in abundance you’ll live.

Blessed are you with a heart that is pure,

You will experience God, this you’ve been assured.

Dance and rejoice in His passionate embrace,

Be made and transformed as you behold His radiant face.

Blessed are you who choose peace,

Through you the darkness of this world will begin to cease.

And you will be called beloved son of the King,

‘Well done, my child,’ over you He will sing.

Blessed are you persecuted for righteousness’ sake,

Life fire purifies gold, you, in perfection will He make.

Though your journey take you through seasons of strife,

He will bestow on your brow the crown of life.

And so change the way you think said He,

Let single your eye that you may truly see.

For closer than a breath His Kingdom at hand,

In which, for you, a life of wonder He has planned.