Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Author:  Rachelle Rieke
I came to Christ when I was 22… or rather, I suppose I should say the Lord finally got my full attention when I was 22. It was like I had been in a trance, looking down and intent only on where my own two feet were headed, and when He snapped me out of that trance, I glanced up to finally notice a whole world around me. Black and white to color. Death to life. My heart came alive. I had been offered an identity that mattered, one that couldn’t be stripped from me even if everything else was taken away, and I took hold of that hope with both hands.
Though it seems hard for me to believe now, I started in that place of living from the bible’s table of contents because I didn’t know Old Testament from New Testament or where to find much of anything. I’m not sure I even knew where to find the Gospels. Despite this, I felt like the Lord put me on a learning fast-track. Knowing my heart, and knowing that I was searching for something I couldn’t name, the Lord didn’t give me milk where I wanted meat. He started my journey by learning from people like Dan Mohler, Todd White, and David Hogan, and I was swept up into the supernatural realities of the Kingdom. Like Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 3, I had the letter of Christ written not by ink upon stone, but upon my heart by the Spirit. I discovered too that I had (and still have) a deep, unshakable feeling of awe and anticipation that I had been chosen to be a part of something big. Something really big that God is doing or about to do. Something every one of us has the invitation to step into. The question is are we willing to let God remove our ceilings?
As a current DSSM student, I had the privilege of helping out with the Upper Midwest Global Legacy meeting for pastors and senior leaders that Destiny hosted a couple weeks ago, and I had the opportunity to listen to Pastor Rod speak for the opening session. He spoke about our ceilings, or the inability or unwillingness to see beyond and into the fullness of what God wants to accomplish through our lives. He gave the example of the Israelites wandering in the wilderness for forty years. Because they couldn’t see beyond their circumstances into fullness of the Promised Land that God wanted to bring them into, deliverance became their ceiling. The work that God wanted to fulfill with one generation took many because of their inability to see beyond what their physical eyes revealed to them.
However, in the midst of the unbelief of every generation, there were those pilgrims (like Caleb and Joshua for the Israelites), those individuals who had the gumption to actually take God at His word and the foresight to make the previous generation’s ceiling their floor. Though they may have been oddballs during their time, history writes a different story. All you have to do is read through the bible or even look at the poster of healing ministries and revivals that is in the Destiny common room. These people pushed the envelope and trusted God even when He chose to color outside the lines. Really, all we should have to do is look at Jesus to realize that God has no ceilings, draws no lines, and creates no rules when it comes to love. And God has given us the invitation to step into that legacy. He has invited us to be a part of something really big like I have felt in my heart since coming to Christ. He has given us the invitation to stand on the shoulders of giants. Will you?
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