The Vision for DSSM

In 1975, Connie & I attended Jesus People Institute, a Bible School intended to train the hundreds of young people being saved at that time. I still have many fond memories of listening to & being blessed by what I learned in that school. But God’s Kingdom is continuing to grow! Since that time we’ve been moving from teaching about healing, miracles & prophesy to demonstrating that as part of our everyday life. That’s what DSSM is all about. Not only is there a study of God’s Word, but the school will emphasize hands-on supernatural ministry. We are in the midst of the greatest revival in history. Heaven has come to earth. DSSM is a Holy Spirit journey into the realms of the impossible. It is an opportunity to enter a heavenly adventure. Come and join us!
Pastor Rod Marquette (Senior Pastor, Destiny Church)


Destiny School of Supernatural Ministry has been a dream of this church for some time. Our desire is for you to experience the Lord Jesus Christ in an even deeper way as we learn & practice living a supernatural lifestyle by bringing Heaven to earth wherever we go. We are committed to giving you an excellent experience in walking more boldly in all that you have been given in Christ. We invite you along on this adventure where our students will experience their royal identity & practice how the Kingdom of God operates. Looking forward to all that is ahead,
Pastor Rhena Grazier (DSSM Founding Director, 2008-2009; 2011-2012)
Our desire is that we will activate our students to new levels of faith, love, and passion for Jesus. We want to see our students grow in their relationship with the Father and forge new relationships with each other. Our objective is to equip our students with the tools and encouragement necessary to step into their identity and destiny as world-changing revivalist. We have a powerful goal in mind: To raise up Kingdom revivalist who will radically change the world around them by; living a life of grace and honor, ministering in love and power, and walking naturally in miracles signs and wonders!
Pastor Cecil Calvert (DSSM Director)