This is For You Too

Author:  Rachelle Rieke


I like to dance when I worship. Not physically, but in my spirit. In my mind. I’m quite certain Jesus loves to dance, and He’s the most talented dancer of all time – not to mention the greatest lead partner. Sometimes He’ll do crazy ballet leaps with me; sometimes He’ll lead me over the throne room floor in a beautiful waltz. Sunday I was dancing with Jesus – in the peace of His presence. But this time wasn’t like all the others. He handed me over to the Father to dance. Now talk about the perfect leader. His eyes were stars of fire, and He held me strong in His arms. I am unaware of how much I try to be strong and independent and do it all on my own until I am held up by the Father’s arms. Perfectly safe. Utterly loved.


He spun me into Him, and I was home. His presence is sun on my skin, and I am hidden in the peace of His being. It covers me until I disappear from this earth. The room and all the people, the music fades away, giving way to the melody of His voice. He tells me I am strong. I am the most beautiful to Him. He is proud of me. Words of life that are beams of light exploding in my heart, the fallout sweeping through my body and wiping out the pain. Healing.


He reminds me of the things I think I need – the things I think I’m lacking in my life, and it all pales next to Him. He places His hands on my shoulders and brushes them down my arms, brushing off the lies clinging onto my person. He opens His hand, such a mighty but gentle hand, and flowers sprout up from His palm. He adorns my hair with them. Lavishly. Extravagantly.


In the reflection of His eyes, I see myself blossom too. I am so beautiful. Painfully beautiful in the light of His love – a vessel overflowing with His lavish grace. I am because He is my Father. Because I am so loved by Him. With a living, breathing love that is weighty. It settles on my body, and I know that this is why I was made. Simply to be so loved. To light up and come alive within that breathing love – the breath in my lungs and substance of my being.


He wraps me in his arms. I can’t help but cry whenever I feel His love. Life is hard, and it is a journey, but my Father loves me. He is on my side and holds me up. I hope you know He holds you up too.
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