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Kingdom Thoughts by Rachelle Rieke

An Extraordinary Ordinary

Sometimes during worship, I like to take a peek around me – to see the workings of God’s love in the room, especially when I am in a place of abandon within that Love myself. Last Sunday was particularly special. I wanted to write down a whole, long thing about it, but as I read my notes, I decided sometimes the most simple is the most powerful. And that resonates with what I felt, so I think it’s appropriate. Here is what I see: 


This is For You Too

I like to dance when I worship. Not physically, but in my spirit. In my mind. I’m quite certain Jesus loves to dance, and He’s the most talented dancer of all time – not to mention the greatest lead partner. Sometimes He’ll do crazy ballet leaps with me; sometimes He’ll lead me over the throne room floor in a beautiful waltz. Sunday I was dancing with Jesus – in the peace of His presence. But this time wasn’t like all the others. He handed me over to the Father to dance. Now talk about the perfect leader. His eyes were stars of fire, and He held me strong in His arms. I am unaware of how much I try to be strong and independent and do it all on my own until I am held up by the Father’s arms. Perfectly safe. Utterly loved.


I am because I AM

I’m not fully sure why I share the following, other than that I feel it has some weight. It is a little distracted, unpolished, and straight-up stream of consciousness writing (sparked from a quote from a book about writing called Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg), but I hope that in reading what I wrote for myself, you might resonate in your own way and find encouragement to reach deep into that place where that little flame has burned your whole life: the dreams and passions within you, that if stripped of them, would strip you of the unique piece of God’s creativity in you. I have come to believe that God lives within our passions, and it’s through them that Heaven touches earth. Be encouraged, and believe in God’s expression in and through you. It’s the sweet spot.



Last Saturday (as I post this, it is now two Saturdays ago… Sorry about that. Been a little pokey lately…) I had one of those life-giving and revelatory mornings – just one of those times of extra awareness of God’s presence. It was nothing grandiose or particularly adventurous, but sometimes the less Instagram-worthy (and especially the less Facebook-worthy) it is, the more it fills your bucket. I managed to get up relatively early to enjoy a cup of coffee and bask in the early sunlight streaming in through the kitchen window. Despite all of the cozy and notably softer places to sit in our house, I often find myself settling onto the kitchen floor to savor the flood of warmth, like God reaching through the window to cover me in a blanket of His personal glory.


Masks of Men

How often do you slow down to evaluate why you do the things you do? I imagine all of you highly introspective people know exactly what I’m talking about. I tend toward introspection myself… much to my chagrin. It just seems to muddy the waters for me, however I do find it to be important to consider the motivations behind my actions from time to time. To me, God makes it pretty clear that what we do doesn’t matter so much as why we do it. We can fool anyone since people can only see the outside, and I’m certain we try hard to fool ourselves sometimes, however God can’t be fooled. He makes it clear that He examines the hearts of men.


The Importance of a Sassy Cat and a Dirty Couch

So, forgive me if what you’re about to read seems to be a little unpolished. Unpolished and perhaps a smidge more flagrant than might be expected. It is in fact, basically a stream-of-consciousness writing (with a little revision here and there for words I like better of course) that was inspired by my cat jumping on my lap. Nevertheless, I thought it worth sharing. Cheers!